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logoWelcome to our home page! American YC is known as one of the most sophisticated, premier, and exclusive yachting clubs in the nation. Our facilities are extremely well-maintained, the surroundings are jaw dropping, and the atmosphere is pleasant yet casual. Today the club offers its members the best quality of service from a pool of dedicated staff, a well-protected & state-of-the-art harbor, and wonderful facilities that are second to none.

American YC promotes the sport of recreational boating and water safety while offering you an outstanding variety of special events, social events, and other recreational activities across America.

Our prestigious yacht club, American YC can easily create light, casual, incredibly pleasing atmospheres as per your requirements. Whether you’re just looking to hold a small gathering with your group of friends or any social event meant to entertain around two hundred people, the American YC Club can be the best choice for you. The club organizes several rendezvous throughout the entire year where multiple boats with crew members arrive, dock together, dine, play, dance, spend the night & share expenses. The club also arranges various social events, regular meetups, and parties across the entire US throughout the year, where the yacht owners can get together and meet other like-minded individuals. Thus, apart from promoting recreational boating, the club is dedicated to offer you an exclusive yet excellent meeting place for this particular social community.

The club also offers you an exclusive membership where it invites those people who are associated with specific recreational affinities to join this yacht community cum boat club.

If you’re also interested in boating & sailing and meeting a great group of like-minded people, consider joining the American YC Club. Visitors from other sailing clubs and yacht clubs are also welcome to use the club’s exquisite facilities. They are even welcome to participate in all of the club’s cruising, racing, and other social events.
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