Five Most Expensive Yachts Ever Built

Apparently, there are numerous ways through which the world’s richest individuals can use to show the world just how much wealthier they are. Public displays of wealth have become a common behavior among billionaires, who, surprisingly, in most occasions, compete regarding who own the biggest and the most expensive yachts!

The world of yachting involves lots of luxury, class, and relaxation. The modern luxury boats are designed with high-end gadgets and other fancy amenities of even higher quality than many of the five-star hotels. Inside these yachts, you can find swimming pools, hot tubs, bars, a thousand thread count lines and a host of other appealing gadgets. Whether you only intend to enrich yourself with adequate knowledge regarding the most expensive yachts, or you are a potential yacht buyer, you’ve come to the right place. The following are five of the most expensive yachts that currently exist around the world:

1. The History Supreme: $4.5 billion.


History Supreme is a gold-plated super-yacht that is believed to be worth a whopping four and a half billion U.S dollars. If you didn’t know, this is the world’s most expensive yacht. According to the U.K designer, the yacht is plated with a staggering one hundred thousand kilograms of platinum and gold. The platinum and gold casings cover more than half of its surface. Additionally, it comes equipped with a statue, originating from the T-Rex dinosaur’s bone.

Its base, as well as the dining areas, rails, deck and the anchor, are finished in solid gold while the sleeping areas are covered in platinum. It has a master bedroom designed with an aquarium, made from sixty-eight kilograms of twenty-four karat gold and meteoric stone. Also available is a bottle of luxury liquor that features 18.5ct of diamond, which is one of the world’s rarest. A helicopter pad and a swimming pool are all included.

2. The Eclipse: $1.5 Billion


Perhaps if you didn’t know, this monster yacht is owned by the Russian Tycoon, Roman Abramovich, who is also the owner of the Chelsea football club, in England. The yacht though is manned by seventy crew members, and is constructed in total secrecy. Though very little knowledge is known concerning this monster boat, it is believed that it has a private defense system, meant to detect intruders and the camera-wielding viewers. In fact, if, in any case, you attempt to capture its image, it utilizes a modern light technology to prevent you from taking pictures. It has its private submarine, two helipads, and a room for twenty-four guests.

3. Streets of Monaco: $ 1 Billion.


Even though the Streets of Monaco is still under construction, it is such a beautiful yacht, boasting of high-end features. It has a modern design that is quite different to the much popular, traditional design. It encompasses all sorts of things you’ll require when on the high seas. A secluded private beach, a Go-kart track, an artificial or man-made lake, plus a ship deck replicating a city-scape are all available!

It has multiple casino games and a replication of a Grand Prix Monaco Track. The length is five hundred and fifty foot, and this implies that the tennis courts, cafes, swimming pools and the under-water magnificent ocean views, are all sufficiently accommodated. We are very much eager to explore its magic, when it will be completed and sold off to one of the billionaires.

4. Dubai: $350 Million.


Apparently, Dubai yacht has been called by many names in the past. Previously, it was known as the Golden Star by a wealthy prince of Brunei. Later, it was finished as Rashid Al Maktoum bin Mohammed, when the latter provided the financial means for its completion. Additionally, it has been called the 525 Platinum. Currently, as we speak, the yacht is owned by the Sheikh of Dubai, and that is why it is now referred to as Dubai yacht.

If you are a guest willing to travel abroad using Dubai yacht, you’ll enjoy a host of enticing adventures, bearing in mind that it is equipped with a staircase made of bombproof glass, a swimming pool, a spa, and a helipad. It is important to note that this luxury boat accommodates one hundred and fifteen people, on board. Currently, it is the second largest yacht in the world.

5. The Superyacht A: $323 Million.


Finally, at number five in the list of the most expensive yachts, we have the Superyacht A, which is owned by another Russian Billionaire, in the name of Melnichenko Andrei. It is crewed by a total of forty-four people, and can potentially house up to fourteen guests. However, it is essential to note that what sets the Superyacht A apart, is its interior design, which is built with every modern comfort you can think of. When on board, you will access three swimming pools, all of which are designed with an opposing current! The opposing current flows against you even as you swim, giving a breathtaking nice feeling. For recreation purposes, there are additional two boats. Superyacht A is truly a fantastic boat.


The Bottom Line.

Believe it or not, the closest many individuals will get to a multi-million dollar yacht is by seeing them in magazines or on tv. These extra-large boats cost serious amount of money; in fact, you could easily re-establish the Greek economy or buy yourself a football club, with the mouth-watering cash that gets spent on them. Enjoy the shock factor of these five most expensive yachts from around the world!

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