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Whether you are passionate about taking a boat ride, or simply need something fun for you and your family to do over the weekend, then becoming a member of a boat club is the best investments you can make. Joining our boat club is ideal for you for the following reasons. We are not like other “open” boat club in the region; we are also one of the most exclusive ones. Here are some things you may consider before applying to join us:


1. Affordable: The cost of owning or renting a boat is quite high, thus when you join us; you get to pay just about 1/3 of what you would normally pay. This amount covers expenses like cost of purchasing the boat, insurance, maintenance, repair, depreciation and any other costs so that you don’t have to pay an extra dollar after becoming a member. Not to mention, we boast some of the most beautiful boats on our harbor!

2. Training: Whether you are an expert boat rider, or have never taken a boat ride, you get a free training when you join us. The training sessions include manuals, classroom session and a ride with an experienced dock master to give you the confidence you need to get started. Further, safety training sessions are provided constantly to ensure all our members are safe on the water.

3. Unlimited usage: Becoming a member guarantees you unlimited usage of the boats whenever you want. Members just need to book in advance using any of our available booking options including online option, making a call or any other. Further, after joining, you have access to many different types of boats to choose from such as deck, bow rider, sail boats among others. Thus, you are not stuck with one boat, the options are endless.

4. Locations: Members have access to a wide variety of locations, detailed information about the locations to be provided upon joining.

5. Availability: We strive to ensure that every member gets a boat whenever one makes a reservation. This is made possible due to a large number of boats owned by the club which keeps the boats to members’ ratio quite low.


Like most boat clubs, we charge a one time initiation fee and a monthly membership fee which can also be paid annually. We have different membership options to suit the different needs of our diverse members. You are not restricted to join our club for any specific periods; you can join for as short as one year. However, long membership is greatly valued and has its benefits including discounts. Detailed information on pricing, payments options and other information is provided upon inquiring.

You have no reason to continue spending more on renting a boat, join us today and get access to high quality, well maintained and wide variety of boats all at a highly subsidized price.

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